• Charlotte Bayala

Just Another Monday

Orange Saucony Sneakers, Black Manduka mat

Run at the gym and Yoga at home.

If you don't do more than one thing think about mixing it up. If you're a runner but think Yoga or stretching is boring maybe give it a chance. Only go to Zumba? Maybe think of some strength training that would compliment that.

I know it takes a certain amount of courage to try something new but everything in moderation applies to your workouts as well. Just know there are lots of variations of the same thing. Your area could easily have 20+ different types of yoga classes. Sometimes you have to try a couple before you find one you like.

Just remember there is no future you that deserves to try something new. Right now is the best time. You don't always need a gym either so don't let cost get in your way. There are tons of free and low cost online options.


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