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  • Charlotte Bayala

Waking Up

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

How do you think your life would be different if you woke up and didn’t do anything but breathe for a few moments?

Waking up is something we all hope to do each day. It is definitely a habit that you can depend on happening. Taking a few moments to really allow yourself to enjoy the first moments of your day will help you start it off in a more relaxed way. We can find so many things to be stressed out about when we wake up. As you know from reading the previous posts in this series stress can be detrimental to your health but we have full control over ways to reduce it's negative affects on our bodies.

Why not try giving yourself a few moments before you begin to stress out in the morning?

You can wait to pick up your phone to check your email and social media. A few more minutes unplugged isn’t going to hurt you.

Consider trying this:

  1. Notice you are waking up.

  2. Try to catch that small moment when you are aware that you are waking up but not really awake.

  3. Before you open your eyes do a few things.

  4. Note that you are thankful that you were able to sleep and wake up.

  5. Notice the feel of the sheets on your skin.

  6. Become aware of how good it feels to lie on you pillow.

  7. Start to make your breath just a little bit bigger and slower.

  8. As you are breathing focus on how it sounds and how it feels.

  9. While you keep breathing move on to the sounds of the house.

  10. Listen to the sounds of the room you are in.

  11. Notice the sound of birds outside.

  12. Hear the weather if it is windy or raining.

  13. Slowly open your eyes and pick one thing to look at. Maybe the color of the wall or a book on your nightstand. Notice the colors, the shape of the object, any patterns on it.

  14. Take in a deep breath and stretch your body long.

  15. Slowly push yourself up to sit on the edge of your bed.

  16. Lower your head to one side and to the other.

  17. Step onto the floor and the process is complete!

Only a few minutes to start your day off on a more relaxed note than you would if you began with being stressed out about your day before it even started.

Try it out and let me know below in the comments how it worked for you.

Also don't forget to go back and read the posts before this to understand how to get to the process we talk about here.

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